Published on Aug 3, 2016
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Hey guys. It’s Jonny from Six Pack Shortcuts here again. Today, I’m gonna talk to you about naturally increasing one of your body’s most important anabolic hormones, Human Growth Hormone or HGH. This is a naturally occurring hormone in your body and some people supplement with creams and injections, but that’s not what we’re here for today.

HGH is believed to be one of the key things to change your physique and it’s also been proven to be essential in muscle tissue growth, muscle repair, providing deeper, better sleep, stronger bones, and growth of other tissues.

A lot of things have been linked to HGH and it’s also been called the fountain of youth. So why is that important? We all wanna stay healthy, young, grow muscle, have strong bones, etc.

So HGH continues to support us throughout our lives but as we age, just like anything unfortunately, those levels begin to decrease and taper off – so that’s why I’m here to give you my five tips on how to naturally and safely boost those levels and help to hopefully combat some of that decrease as we age.

1:26 – Tip #5 – Start weight training or resistance training if you don’t already. Strength training has a ton of benefits but the main benefit is increasing your muscle strength, size, tendon & ligaments, etc. All of these things are encompassed in the benefit of working out. Doing these things also increases your natural production of HGH!

2:09 – Tip #4 – Start doing high intensity interval training (or HIIT). This form of workout consists of exerting short bursts of energy – like very short, 15-30, maybe 45 second intervals, where you’re pretty much going all out between 75 and 100% of your physical exertion. So you’re going all out, and then you take short rest breaks before going into the next round. During the rests, your body is secreting the natural growth hormone. Building that over time, and then considering the following 24 hours after you do HIIT, your metabolism is increased, you stay anabolic.

3:27 – Tip #3 For boosting your natural HGH levels is to eat smaller, spaced out meals. We do this because you keep your blood sugar and blood insulin levels as constant as possible. It also helps in leveling off your natural HGH production. Avoid having high sugar in these meals, because that will inhibit the HGH production. Keep the portions consistent and watch your glycemic index of the carbs you choose to eat. Smaller, balanced meal portions will keep you full, satisfied and your blood sugar levels regulated – the ideal condition for building lean muscle mass.
Make sure your portioned meals include lower-glycemic carbs to enforce stable blood sugar levels because high blood sugar inhibits HGH release and greatly promotes fat storage

5:19 – Tip #2 When we consume sugar, our body releases a spike of insulin: High insulin equals low HGH
Stay away from consuming high-glycemic foods, especially two hours before nightly sleep. The resulting insulin spike will slow and even STOP your body’s natural release of elevated HGH levels – leading to added fat tissue and slowed muscle recovery.

6:07 – Tip #1 – Get enough sleep! Sleep is critical in getting great results because your body releases the most growth hormone at night. (This is also when the body repairs itself and builds muscle.) If you skimp on the sleep, however, you’ll shortchange the amount of GH your body produces, which limits your muscle growth. In young adults, a lack of sleep can even stunt growth.
Make sure to sleep at least 8 hours every night. Also, the earlier, the better.

Start applying these simple lifestyle changes TODAY, it is not too late to boost your natural HGH levels and begin reaping the benefits from the hormone that can is in control of making so many positive changes in your body.

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