Published on Dec 17, 2017
Slim Down & Achieve Your Goal Physique

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Hey,! Thomas here with another “broscience” myth busting of a common misconception I hear from a lot of guys out there concerning obliques.

Many guys out there swear by avoiding to do exercises for their obliques, scared that it will grow them to be disproportional to their waist. However, the only slim chance of that ever happening is if you are genetically predisposed to having large obliques, or taking something you shouldn’t be for growing those muscles.

So, today we’re gonna look at the anatomy of the obliques and how they work, then I’m going to show you a few exercises for training them. Let’s dive right in:

1:16 – External Obliques: The external obliques not only help rotate the trunk, but they also help pull the chest, as a whole, downwards, which compresses the abdominal cavity and also supports the rotation of the spine.

2:10 – Internal Obliques: The internal obliques support the abdominal wall, assists in forced respiration, aids in raising the pressure in the abdominal area and rotates and turns the trunk with help from other muscles.

2:57 – By properly training your obliques, you can enhance the way your abs look, not detract from it. Because, when you’re obliques are in good shape, they tie in your abs together for that aesthetic six pack ab look you’re looking for with that smaller waist taper.

3:19 – High levels of stress on the body can cause the release of cortisol and thus the build-up of adipose tissue on the obliques. And, the best way to combat that is intermittent fast, because no exercise has the power to target specific areas for fat loss – slimming down mainly boils down to losing total body fat.

In fact, I just posted another video breaking down how intermittent fasting can be the most simple, yet effective fix to start burning fat the fastest. There, I also break down the right way to start fasting, how to break a fast, along with ways to go about fasting so your benefits far exceed just fat loss.

To see that video, just go to now.

Now, let’s get to the 2 exercises:

3:46 – Cable Wood Choppers (or Cable Reverse Wood Choppers)

5:00 – Bicycle Crunch Variation

Now, I know this wasn’t the most complex breakdown of how to slim down and have a tighter looking waist, but when it all comes down to it, your obliques play a key role in the most simple movements as walking or running. And strengthening them will have cascading benefits on not only how you look, but how your body performs.

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