Published on May 11, 2017
Get The Six Pack & Keep It:

Ever see people training outdoors at your local public playground? Using the monkey bars, swings, and free-standing pull-up bars? Well, that’s all part of a fitness training style commonly known as Calisthenics.

This style of training focuses on manipulating and utilizing your own body weight as the resistance for training to become lean and toned, shredding down for the six pack abs that everyone wants. What’s interesting is that no equipment is needed to train really, just a place to do pull-ups and body weight moves as seen in this video of Frank Medrano.

If you’re well-versed and have some training background, then calisthenic training is a great way to mix things up and challenge yourself in a new way. However, if you’re a beginner still figuring out how to do a single pull-up or have a hard time with mobility, then calisthenics may not be for you just yet.

There are many ways to train for six pack abs out there, and this is just one of many that we look to incorporate and have you train with here at Six Pack Abs. Do you incorporate calisthenics into your training? What moves do you have trouble doing or don’t understand how to do? Let us know in the comments below.

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