Published on Sep 19, 2017
The Science Behind Fat Loss:

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Fasting is like a hard reset on your body, because when you do so with things like your electronics, they run better… So, why wouldn’t it be the same with your body? Thomas DeLauer here today for, and today, I’m talking more about Intermittent Fasting. Now, I explained in my last video I.F. can impact testosterone, however, I’m going to also break down how fasting affects 4 other hormones in your body.

At the end of the day, it’s important to understand how your body is working to burn fat off, build muscle, and get in great shape through I.F. and how it impacts what controls you as a man and keeps you in peak shape. Let’s break things down:

0:43 – Hormone #1: Insulin
1:04 – Insulin resistance
1:33 – Insulin sensitivity
1:46 – Fasting has been shown to increase insulin sensitivity – your cells become more receptive to sugar and carbs while fasting

2:34 – Hormone #2: Human Growth Hormone
2:46 – Production & functions of HGH
3:35 – The impact of fasting on HGH production – fasting causes continual spikes in HGH while your fasting
3:50 –

4:15 – Hormone #3: Cortisol
4:26 – Cortisol is your essential “fight or flight” hormone from stress
4:48 – Cortisol can induce fat and also fat storage
5:01 – Lipoprotein Lipase – Fat-storing hormone
5:12 – Hormone Sensitive Lipase – Fat-burning hormone
5:28 – I.F. and its effect on lipoprotein lipase & hormone sensitive lipase

6:10 – Hormone #4: Estrogen
6:36 – Fasting has been shown to help incur the removal of harmful estrogens from the body
6:45 – Fasting encourages autophagy – the body’s natural process of recycling old wasteful cells

7:11 – Here are 4 endocrinological reasons why fasting is beneficial:
-Build more muscle
-Feel leaner
-Have a better libido
-Have a better sense of well-being

There you have it, guys – 4 hormones that play key roles in your everyday life and how intermittent fasting can actually enhance their production and effectiveness within your body.

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