Published on Oct 26, 2017
Don’t Starve Yourself – Take Control Of Your Fat-Burning System

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Hey, everybody! It’s Thursday and day #5 here on the “Science Based Six Pack” takeover week with me, Thomas DeLauer. As I mentioned, I’ll be covering the right way to break your intermittent fast – avoiding setbacks and making this the most effective and efficient way of achieving six pack abs.

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So, today I’m here to really break down the science of how you break your fast and that by breaking your fast with specific foods and specific nutrients at very specific time intervals is the MOST important thing you need to focus on. Let’s get started:

1:06 – It all comes down to Insulin.
1:19 – Insulin opens the cell so that blood glucose can enter and provide the cell with energy.
2:23 – When insulin opens the cell for glucose, protein, and fats are also able to enter.

2:44 – The “Fast Break” Strategy

3:07 – When fasting, your insulin sensitivity increases

Guys… It’s almost time…

Tomorrow, FRIDAY, OCTOBER 27th is the OFFICIAL launch of Science Based Six Pack. I’m beyond excited to bring this to you all and finally break down the “why” and “how” of intermittent fasting, getting six pack abs, and achieving the body you deserve – all through science!

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The Six Pack Abs You Deserve Achieved In The Fastest, Effective Methods Through Science

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