Published on Jan 1, 2018
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So, in my last few of videos, we’ve talked about how intermittent fasting destroys fat cells and I announced something very special for you all.

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This is all part of my 30-Day Transformation Challenge for Science Based Six Pack that’s about to begin.

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Now, we want to make this fair, so as I mentioned, we’re going to be having an open, public voting system.

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Today, I’m talking about how intermittent fasting benefits men and women – of varying age brackets – for burning fat and getting in shape. Let’s get to it:

0:30 – Fasting works for almost everyone.

Fasting For Men:
1:28 – When you fast you get adrenaline ketosis, brain-derived neurotrophic factor, and catecholamine benefits.
1:45 – The male eating window is anywhere from 2-8 hours, with a fasting window lasting from 16-22 hours within 24-hours.

Fasting For Women:
1:52 – Women have a fasting window of about 12-16 hours.
2:11 – Men have a pretty simple hormone system, while women have more complex systems than can be impacted by fasting.
2:43 – Fasting for too long can cause hormone ratios to change in women.
4:23 – Pregnant or breastfeeding mothers should not fast as it could interfere with nutrients getting to the baby.

Warning Signs For Women:
4:47 – If you get cold while fasting, it’s a sign that it’s impacting your thyroid.
5:01 – The thyroid is the body’s thermostat, so if you notice you’re getting cold while fasting, cut back on the amount of fasting you’re doing.
5:18 – If your sex drive seems affected or you’re feeling lethargic, fasting may not be for you.
5:40 – If you notice these symptoms, you can either stop fasting or reduce your fasting window.

How Do You Know If Fasting Is For You?
5:58 – Fasting might be great for you if you need energy, mental clarity, or are a busy person.
3:20 – If you’re aren’t a busy person, fasting may be difficult as you won’t have anything to take your mind off of food.
3:39 – Not worrying about meal prep and eating frees up time for a busy person.
4:01 – Fasting gives you a lot of mental clarity.
6:14 – Fasting is simple and easy as long as you understand the science behind it.

So, in honor of intermittent fasting and this process we’ve gone over, I’m challenging you to join my 30-Day Science Based Six Pack Transformation Challenge.

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Again…1st Place – $1,000 and a trip to California to train with me or a trip to Texas to train with me.

2nd Place – $750
3rd Place – $500

The best part of this all is you will be choosing the winners! An online voting poll will be opening up after the close of this challenge for you to pick the top 3 transformations.

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