3 Simple Steps To Meet Girls At The Gym

meet girls at the gym

How To Meet Women In The Gym

Hey guys, it’s Emma. In this article I’m going to show and tell just how to approach a girl at the gym in the way I know personally works the best. I’ll tell you about lame approaches guys tried on me that totally failed — and I’ll also tell you about the approaches that did work with me, and how these guys were different.

OK, so let’s get right into it…

Step 1 – Evaluate The Situation

Think about what kind of questions you could ask her or how you could compliment her before making your approach. Even catching eye contact briefly can be effective, because that will place you on her mind before you even have to try. Consider asking her advice on something, or help with a spotter. She will feel respected and flattered that you considered her over someone else in the gym.

meet girls at the gym form

Step 2 – Respect Her Workout & Time The Approach

When you do approach her, be sure she has completely finished her set. Like I said before, a little flirtatious eye contact – but no unblinking, dead stares – before making your move goes a long way. This way, you can feel out her comfort level before committing to a conversation.

Step 3 – Question or Compliment

Say hi and immediately follow up with a question or compliment that you thought of earlier. And remember this: These compliments should attest to her hard work and great form. This chick has clearly put in a lot of work to perfect her bod, so don’t tell her she is simply “hot.” Compliment her form, her ability, or her physique. Guys who can see past appearances are 110% more likely to get a positive response. 

Also, DO NOT mention the “unmentionables.” Even if she does have the world’s best glutes, your objective is to be friendly, not creepy.

Need some more ideas? Try it this way:

meet girls at the gym bike

Example 1: Sorry to interrupt your workout, but you have awesome triceps. What exercises do you do for them?

Example 2: Hey – looks like you are in between sets, so you don’t mind me saying I noticed how defined your calves are. Do you run or just lift?

Example 3: Hey, I can tell you know what you’re doing in here. Would you mind spotting me? 

People love talking about themselves, so bump up the charm and ask open-ended questions.

Example 1: How do you train your calves?

Example 2: How did you learn your squat (or other exercise) technique? Your form is great!

how to meet chicks at the gym squat

The fit chick will likely open up, and appreciate that you took notice of her hard work. The next step is to quickly get her contact information in a natural way, since she probably wants to get on with her workout and has limited time to talk.

How To Make The Move And Get Her Number

After a few minutes, look at her directly and tell her, “you seem interesting, and I’d like to spend more time with you. What’s your phone number?”

Make sure it’s obvious from the tone of your voice that you are asking her on a date — and that you’re not looking for a workout buddy or friend.

This can be very effective if she’s physically attracted to you, and you’re a normal guy through the previous conversation. Just make sure to make it short and sweet, otherwise you might become an annoyance that’s stopping her workout.

One final note…it might be tempting to walk away and try and get her number later, but this is a horrible mistake. Chances are if you do this you will never see her again, and you will have blown the opportunity forever.

You must decisively get her contact information the first time you talk after a few minutes. If you’re respectful and you do things the way I recommend, it won’t be awkward if she turns you down, and you’ll be able to quickly move on to better prospects without wasting time.

runner meet girls at the gym

My BEST experience with meeting a new guy in the gym… Take notes.

As an avid rock climber, I hit the gym about 4 times a week. My best pickup, which eventually turned into a date, was from a dude who took note of my climbing style. We saw each other on a few separate occasions before he made his approach. He mentioned how impressive my flexibility on the rock wall was, then asked if I could show him some stretches. I was climbing alone, so it was awesome to have someone join me.

rock climbing meet girls at the gym

Oh, I can’t forget to mention he was showing off a six-pack of his own that day – major bonus points. Trust me, I checked him out way before he made his move.

…And the WORST way to meet girls at the gym:

The worst experience I had involved a dude who thought it was cute to question the weight set I was working with. It entirely undermined my hard work. I am naturally a weak person, so getting to those numbers was a huge accomplishment. It took years to say the least. Afterwards he had the nerve to apply his weight to the same machine then say, “Let me show you how a man does it.” In my mind, I couldn’t help but think “Really? You’re not even that fit…. and you think you can tell me how to lift?”

meet girls at the gym
Piss her off and you won’t be getting anywhere NEAR this close….

So there are two examples for you to learn from. But honestly, there was one more striking difference between both of these guys…. One looked INCREDIBLE, and the other one… Well, I guess his body was okay. I mean, the first guy could’ve asked me to climb up the wall backwards and I probably would’ve just nodded my head, smiled, and agreed to do almost anything to impress him. I almost didn’t even hear what he said because I was just so focused on how great his body and his six pack was.

And any truthful woman will tell you this is the main factor in whether we’ll give a guy our number at the gym, or anytime at all for that matter. While a great personality is nice, if I’m physically turned off by belly fat there just isn’t any way I can make myself attracted to the guy.

I know this might be hard to hear if you have belly fat yourself, but I’m sorry to say it’s the truth. 

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So remember guys, you can DEFINITELY meet girls at the gym, and for men we’re physically attracted to, it’s actually very easy. But it’s almost difficult (if not impossible) for guys who are out of shape.

So if you already have your six pack on point, start using these tips to meet women. And if you still have a few pounds of belly fat you need to lose, download that free app now so you can get started building a body that women find attractive.


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