Published on Jul 12, 2017
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How’s it going, guys? Mark Mcilyar here from Abs After 40 with my good friend from Thomas Delauer. I wanted to have a talk with him and get a different perspective on how he starts his day, being that he is a bit of a younger fella with an extensive nutrition background.

0:46 – #1: Making Your Bed. Doing this is a way of establishing self-discipline right when you start your day. It really sets the pace for the rest of the day.

1:30 – #2: Stretching In The Morning. It can be as simple as pulling each knee up to the chest for 2 minutes to alleviate any pain or stiffness.

2:40 – Thomas Delauer’s Before & After Photos. He lost over 100lbs!

3:05 – #3: “Action Precedes Motivation.” Getting up and moving will bring you to be more motivated as opposed to waiting around for an external factor to motivate you.

You can do this by rolling out of bed and doing things like pushups, air squats, or a basic exercise to get your blood pumping and your body warm. Thomas calls this “being dumb” in the morning, or rather, acting like a caveman and triggering your primal instincts to kickstart the day.

3:50 – Training late and going to the gym at night.

4:51 – #4: Have Breakfast. I’m a creature of habit that doesn’t like to cook, so a nutritious cereal, protein bar, and black coffee are how I start the day.

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