Published on Oct 11, 2017
Get The Six Pack Abs You Deserve:

The mechanics of the skeletal and muscular systems of our bodies are the most complex running machine ever. And when we injure, get out of place, or brake components of such an intricate, balanced system, it can be very tricky to repair.

Take Mun here, who after injuring his back lifting a tree root out, left his spine out of shape and in pain. Luckily for Mun, he was able to take an alternative root to surgery and have his back corrected through chiropractic methods.

When’s the last time you hurt your back trying to do something? Were you lifting with your BACK or your LEGS? What ways do you help to prevent yourself from harm and injury? Let us know in the comments below.

Why are you working out? What do you like to train? What kind of exercises and workouts do you do that you may have learned in the military? Let us know in the comments below what’s been motivating you to make a transformation.

Learn How To Train For Six Pack Abs: