Published on Mar 7, 2018

Burn Body Fat & Detox Today

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Hey guys, Thomas here and in today’s video I am going to be talking to you about a popular buzzword in the health and fitness industry… and that is “detoxing”.

I am going to give you the top 3 science-based benefits of detoxing… Plus I’ll show you my 3-second detox trick that I use every day.

So first of all, what is detoxification anyway?

First and foremost, Detoxing is not the same as cleansing. Cleanses are temporary, based on pseudoscience, and not sustainable.

Detoxing is a permanent change, it’s based on science, and it is sustainable for the long-term.

Due to the environment that we live in, we are constantly being exposed to toxins that accumulate over time in our bodies. This affects our health and our ability to lose fat.

Benefits of detoxing include:
-Digestion and gut health.
-Mental clarity and focus.
-And fat loss and weight management.

The #1 best way to detoxify your body is by eating fruits and veggies… Specifically speaking, there are a number of scientifically backed superfoods that have shown to have incredible benefits in ridding the body of toxins. Now it’s recommended to eat between 6-12 servings a day… Which can be tough for a lot of people to commit to –
Hence the rise of juicing.

The most simple way that I’ve found for meeting my daily detox needs is using a gently dried powder form of the best-known superfoods for cleaning your system. And the thing is… I’ve tried all of the greens powder supplements there are to try… and what I discovered is, most of them don’t really meet my scientific standard.

That’s why I’m excited to share with you my personal greens formula… Science-Based Green Detox.

Science-Based Green Detox contains over a dozen scientifically validated superfoods, has an incredible apple pie flavor, and is sugar-free.

Now as a special offer, I wanted to let you in on my early pre-launch for this supplement. You see, I wasn’t planning on releasing my Green Detox until summer time… But then I decided to run a very small exclusive batch just for my fitness community… to let you guys get your hands on the formula before I do my big release.

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A Science-Based Detox & Fat Loss Solution

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