Published on Sep 10, 2017
Lose Weight For The Six Pack Abs You Deserve

What’s up, Guess who’s back?

I got a few more scars from the hospital now, but I’m good to go and I’m here in the gym to show you how to get back to training for six pack abs while recovering.

Luckily, I’ve been cleared by my doctor to get back to training. Don’t forget to get cleared by your doctor to workout – you don’t want anything bad happening to you that you can prevent, especially if you had surgery or have been bed-ridden for a long time.

So, today we’re going to do 4 light, low-impact ab workouts. These are great for helping with your mobility or if you’re a beginner looking to start training too. Let me break it down:


1:17 – Plank for 20 seconds
1:49 – Crossover Toe Touches for 20 seconds or 10 reps
2:35 – Partial Leg Lifts for 20 seconds or 10 reps
3:04 – Ab Twist (with or without weight) for 20 seconds or 10 reps

Total of 3 rounds

Ready to work out with me? Let’s get it!

4:13 – BEGIN WORKOUT – 4:13

There you have it, guys. Once you get the thumbs up from the doc, you can get going on my post-surgery ab circuit.

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