Nutrition Basics: Eating Dietary Fat

fatty foods for six pack abs

Six Pack Abs Need GOOD Fats

Now, there ARE good fats and bad fats. Bad fats – you should definitely avoid at all costs because they will NOT help lead to six pack abs, obviously. These fats consist of trans fats (from hydrogenated oils) and high levels of saturated fats. You can find naturally occurring saturated fats in animal meat, dairy products, and eggs, and also in some vegetable fats like coconut & palm oil (however plant-based saturated fats have actually be shown to have positive effects on cholesterol). Trans fats and hydrogenated oils are found in foods like desserts (the shortening from oil used has trans fats), fried foods, snack foods like potato chips and even some popcorn, refrigerator dough, creamer, & margarine.

While it’s necessary to have a little bit of those naturally occurring saturated fats – your body, and subsequently your abs, can greatly benefit from unsaturated fats. These can be broken down into polyunsaturated & monounsaturated fats. I’m sure you’ve heard of Omega-3s or Omega 3 fatty acids that occur in fattier fish sources. Other great sources of unsaturated fats are vegetable oils like extra virgin olive oil, avocados, and chia seeds. Healthy (in moderation) sources of saturated fats are yogurt, cheese, nuts, coconut/coconut oil, eggs, and dark chocolate. Don’t forget, I said IN MODERATION.


How does dietary fat help give you six pack abs?

Consumption of fat can make you feel fuller which can help reduce overeating tendencies, because the presence of high quality calories let’s your body know it isn’t starving so it doesn’t need to keep clinging onto those belly fat stores sitting atop your six pack abs.

Another absolutely paramount reason to have these healthy fats is because it supports healthy hormone levels….specifically TEST levels. Having healthy T-levels are vital for not only male functions, but for supporting your male appearance. 

When it comes to figuring out how much you need per day, I PERSONALLY have found that keeping fat levels around 30-35% works best…Now everyone is different, so I will ALWAYS say to consult a nutritionist or doctor for exact amounts and numbers for you.

My Favorite Choices for Dietary Fats:

  • Mixed nuts
  • Salmon
  • Lean Steak
  • Protein Powder

Now you don’t have to limit yourself to these, these are just my favorites I like to have.

So, if every meal you have contains a lean protein source the size of your palm, a handful of healthy, complex carbohydrates and your protein is cooked in a thumb’s worth of a healthy oil (plus a few healthy snacks) then you’re setting yourself up with the macronutrients needed to help gain muscle mass and shed the belly to reveal your six pack abs.

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