Macronutrients VS. Micronutrients – Why You Need Both

Get Started With Your Six Pack Abs Training Today Hey Guys, Jonny here today with Six Pack Abs. Today I wanted to go over the importance...

Why I Don’t Use Creatine Anymore

Train To Lose Weight And Add Muscle Today Hey, guys Today I want to talk about a supplement that a lot of people get convinced to...

15 Foods To Help Towards A Toned Physique

Looking for the foods to help you get an edge on your metabolism so you can get ripped, shredded abs? Here is a list of 15 and some of their specific vitamin and mineral benefits that help you drop fat faster. Read More→
video Complete Guide to Protein Powders

Start On Building Up Your Six Pack Abs Today How's it going everybody, Jonny here to break down the fundamentals and options you have when...

My Favorite Post-Workout Protein Shake

Get Your Workouts To Start Showing All Six Abs Here Hey, guys, Henry here with Six Pack Abs. I wanted to share with you today my...

5 Healthy Ways To Stop Cravings

Eating to get ripped six pack abs can be frustrating sometimes... especially if you've spent a lot of your life indulging in sweets, like I did. These recommendations will help you when that sweet tooth hits so that you can stay on course with your meal plan and not get things too out of whack!

Fall Meal Prep Guide For Healthy Holidays

Celebrate the season with a fall meal prep guide to keep you fit during the fattest time of the year... AND get a huge discount on ALL my Afterburn Lab supplements with a special code exclusively for readers.

It’s So Easy…How To Start Eating Clean All Day

Change Your Training To Build Six Pack Abs Hey, guys, it's Jonny here with Six Pack Abs. I wanted to show you my standard morning...

How To Choose A Protein Powder

I know I don't have to tell you, but there are a million different types of protein powders on the market these days. It's impossible to know who makes the best ones, or even which kinds to buy. There's soy, casein, whey, concentrate, isolate, pea, brown rice protein.... The list just goes on and on. I'm here to tell you what the research I've done has showed me about the best types of protein powders and give you some good recommendations.
fatty foods for six pack abs

Nutrition Basics: Eating Dietary Fat

There is a lot of stigma around fatty foods... And just around the word "fat" in general. However, fat is 100% vital to the human body, and especially to human hormone production... Including testosterone. If you don't eat enough fat, your body's test levels could suffer! Additionally, fats do more than just help hormone production. Check out this article for more information about why you absolutely must have fats in your diet if you want six pack abs.

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