Published on Apr 27, 2016
Get ripped and keep your strength:

Hey guys, it’s Clark over at Six Pack Shortcuts and today we’re gonna talk about organic vs conventional foods.

For me, macronutrients (carbs, fats, protein) are one of the most important things…. And as far as organic vs conventional goes, it’s all the same.

0:24 – Organic means it won’t have extra, added hormones and pesticides, but you know, the USDA does have regulations on these foods and how much of the pesticides or hormones can be added… so conventional food, while it might have more, it’s definitely not going to kill you… And if you just rinse your produce before you eat them, you can wash off most of those pesticides.

1:04 – So if you prefer to do organic, hormone free, certified whatever….. In my opinion it’s just marketing tricks to overprice your food.

1:24 – People are always asking how can they lose weight and extra body fat… And when I ask them what they eat, they say they eat “pretty healthy”… but what does that actually mean? “Organic,” or not a lot of saturated fats, or not high fatty foods? What it DOESN’T mean is “lean” – just because you’re eating “healthy” it doesn’t mean you’re eating LEAN because eating to get generally healthy and eating to get lean and ripped are definitely very different ways of eating.

2:10 – The difference: eating to get lean is more focused on macronutrient content, like how many carbs, protein, and fat you eat in your diet.

3:07 – Learn to read labels. Brands don’t really matter too much (while some may use better quality ingredients, but that’s aside the point), but you need to be able to figure out what you’re eating, how much of each macronutrient is in the food or meal, and what that means for you and your diet.

3:40 – A lot of things you think are healthy or “good for you” are actually pretty detrimental to your goals.

4:07 – If you’re on a strict diet and you don’t get a large variety of foods, then take a multivitamin to ensure you have all the necessary nutrients to lose fat, gain muscle, and be the healthiest version of yourself and not be deficient on any vitamins and minerals.

5:07 – If this is something you’re interested in (reading labels & macronutrients for your physique) let us know in the comments!

How normal guys can get lean fast:

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