Developed by Mark Mcilyar (Creator of Abs After 40) and Dr.Daniel Bockmann (D.C. with 26+ years of human optimization experience)

ExerciseRX: Master Exercise Encyclopedia

The First Ever Doctor Endorsed Digital Encyclopedia of Exercise Fundamentals For The Beginner & The Experienced User To Get More Out Of Your Workouts

Here’s What’s Included When You Sign Up With The ExerciseRX Encyclopedia Program

Fundamental Exercise Demonstration Videos Watch and follow-along through all 22 live video demonstrations which cover all the basic and numerous less common exercises for developing all areas of your body.

* In-depth exercise technique instructions for form cues from Dr.Bockmann, D.C.
* Step-by-step progressions and variations to meet your fitness goals
* Exclusive training tips from senior trainer Mark Mcilyar


Complimentary Access To ExerciseRX App When you sign up with ExerciseRX, you’ll instantly be able to view your demonstration videos and glossaries online from your computer, smartphone or other mobile device by downloading our free app.

* Easily modify your workout on the spot
* Double-check if your form is correct while you’re working out without the need of a personal trainer
* Instantly find exercise alternatives to make your workout easier or more challenging


Downloadable ExerciseRX Glossaries Download and print your written index of exercises to have an on-hand collection of photographic exercise demonstrations and written technique how-to’s, and a level of difficulty gauge so you can choose the moves that suit your goals best.

* Broken down by upper, mid and lower body areas for quick and convenient referencing
* Identification of the primary muscles that benefit the most from each exercise
* Suggested modifications & exercise alternatives for different levels of difficulty

With ExerciseRX Men Are Able To:

+ Develop Muscle That You Never Even Knew You Had

When exercise form is not correct, we are missing out on getting the most muscle development possible when performing certain moves. But by learning how to properly fire both your primary and secondary muscles, you’ll be able to begin strengthening and building the connective tissues that support continued muscle growth.

+ Decrease The Risk Of Exercise Related Injury

Learning the proper exercise form that aligns with your body’s natural mechanics is crucial for the long-term health of your most important joints such as your elbows, knees and ankles.

+ Self-Check Your Form With The Push Of A Button

In the middle of a workout and aren’t sure if you’re performing an exercise correctly? With just a push of a button on your smartphone or tablet device, you’ll be able to reference any given move and review your technique on the spot from the specialists.

+ Learn How To Move Better On A Daily Basis

Understanding the fundamentals of exercise isn’t always just about aesthetics. In fact, developing and strengthening your body’s mechanical form will help strengthen all of the connective tissues within your body - making you much more efficient in performing everyday movements and physical activity.

+ Do Away With Workout Boredom

Exercise boredom is one of the biggest contributors to quitting and failure when following a workout regimen - but not here, not this time. Within the exercise fundamental videos, you’ll be able to explore the infinite methods for training any given body part by incorporating bands, barbells or even dumbbell variations to your current routine - that way you can be sure you’ll be keeping your body guessing.

+ Workout While You’re On The Go

No gym, no problem - With ExerciseRx’s extensive collection of equipment-free exercise variations, you can modify any workout to be completed from a hotel, a park or even from the comforts of your own home.


No other exercise encyclopedia provides such rich, Dr. trusted detail tailored to improving the overall fitness experience among men.


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Commonly Asked Questions From The Community

Q: What does "RX" stand for in ExerciseRX?
A: ExerciseRX stands for “Exercise Recovery Extreme.” The "RX" does not mean that this program serves as a medically approved treatment. This program is not a prescription and has not been clinically proven to cure or treat any health ailments. The "RX" simply serves to remind individuals that exercise can be used as a form of alternative medicine for improving one's own wellbeing.

Q: I'm not currently working out. Will ExerciseRX still be helpful for me?
A: Yes. Understanding how to conduct proper movements (not just traditional forms of exercise) may aid in improving your every day functions such as lifting heavy boxes properly or hanging Christmas lights. Understanding how your muscles work together to perform essential movements will allow you to conduct activities in a way that is most suitable for your connective tissues.

Q: Can I review this program on mobile devices?
A: Yes. Once you sign up, your program contents will be available to you immediately on our member site. You'll receive login credentials after your purchase and be able to log in anytime, anywhere to review your program from your laptop, desktop or mobile device. You can also print out the hard copy version of the program from the member site if you prefer to have a physical copy.

Q: How does this program aid in reducing soreness and joint discomfort?
A: You can simply refer to the upper body, mid body or lower body section (depending on where your pain point is located on your body) and you can practice performing the low-difficulty level body weight exercises in a slow, controlled manner in order to help drive blood, oxygen and nutrients to that area. This will accelerate healing and help mobilize and strengthen the surrounding tissues. If you're experiencing intense pain or if your discomfort persists, it's good practice to seek advice from your health care provider.

Feel Fully Confident With Your ExerciseRX Master Encyclopedia Purchase With The 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

If for any reason (or for no reason at all), you are not 100% sure that this system is right for you, just contact the ExerciseRX Customer Service Team by phone or email within 60 days to receive your 100% money back refund - No questions, no hassle, and no signatures needed.