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Monster Mass

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Monster gains for massive muscles

  • Routines to put on extreme muscle
  • Full plan to ensure results
  • Not for the timid

Warning: Monster Mass is an intense, heavy lifting program, not suitable for those who are not 100% serious about building ripped muscle

Hey's Clark, and I want to tell you about this unique training system I personally used to build the body I've always wanted — and which many of my clients have used to transform their bodies as well.

But First I Need To Warn You...Monster Mass Is Not For Everyone.

Honestly...not everyone has what it takes for Monster Mass. I wouldn't want you to sign up if the program is too much for you to handle. Monster Mass workouts are 100% based on my "Monster Sets" technique, which you’ll be able to learn more about in my demonstration video above.

I'll be straight up...

If you're unmotivated and don't have the desire to get the body you want, you won't make it through Monster Mass.

However, Monster Mass IS for you if you're a regular or "average" person who wants to build muscle and make a real change.

What You Get

8 Extreme Home workouts programmed by YouTube’s Top Fitness Trainer

Includes 8 Full-length workouts and Monster Mass Quick-Start Instructional video

I do the workouts live on video along with you — coaching, motivating, and pushing you to work harder the whole time.

Requires only simple equipment, and you can easily learn all the exercises in the program since I show you the technique live on video.

You'll receive INSTANT online access to your videos on the clients’ site. That means instant streaming within minutes of signing up, and you can download high definition copies of the videos permanently to your hard drive

How It Works

Muscle Gains

Monster mass is based on a muscle training technique I call Monster Sets – Otherwise known in exercise science as Agonist-Antagonist Supersets. This training technique consist of two sets of exercises done at maximum intensity back-to-back, for opposing muscle groups.

Monster Sets

It has been shown in this research study that Monster Sets (or Agonist-Antagonist Supersets) have another key benefit — they allow you to do shorter workouts while still improving strength and power. This is because you are doing two exercise sets back to back, allowing you to do twice as many sets compared to a guy working out with regular exercise sets. That's why my Monster Mass workouts can be done in as few as 30 minutes.

Maxed Results

And finally, it’s important to remember that working out is only one piece of the picture when it comes to building muscle. While you can gain some muscle through working out alone, you’ll get far better results if you also have the right diet, supplementation, mindset, and coaching.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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