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Are You Experiencing Frustrations Such As...

    • Poor muscle flexibility or stiffness
    • Discomfort when moving your knee, elbow or shoulder joints
    • Chronic muscle soreness (even when you haven’t performed exercise)
    • Loss of mobility when performing everyday tasks and activities
    • Worsening posture such as slouching, hunched or rounded shoulders
    • Lower back pain
    • Trouble sleeping comfortably

Accredited Exercise Physiologists agree that the best solution for overcoming these commonly experienced frustrations is by incorporating stretching into your daily routine.

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Why Every Man Should Be Stretching

As men age, their muscles become shorter and lose their elasticity. Over the years, this loss of flexibility can result in decreased muscular and bone strength which often results in joint problems, chronic soreness and mobility issues.

These issues, which tend to present themselves as minor tweaks in their early stages, can begin slowing down even the most mundane of daily movements - like putting on your socks in the morning while battling against lower back pain or getting in and out of your vehicle without overstraining your knee joints.

Over time this causes many older men to give up their regular routines in order to avoid joint discomfort, muscle soreness, or even the potential risk of injury as their bodies get weaker. For this reason it is extremely important to keep the muscular, bone and joint systems within the male body limber and active - which is where Stretch Smart comes in.

How The Stretch Smart System Works

The Stretch Smart system contains two distinctive features that give men the ability to maximize the way their body’s perform and recover - enabling a reduction in soreness and increased flexibility. These features are known as the “Performance Series” and the “Recovery Series”. Together, both of these sub-courses within Stretch Smart can be used to optimize the connective tissues within the body so that joint integrity, posture and muscular strength can be better maintained with age.


The Performance Stretching Series

This Stretch Smart feature contains six follow-along stretching routines that combine the best known dynamic and static stretches into quick, 5-minute videos. These routines are structured in three progressive levels so that no matter what experience you have with stretching, you’ll have the perfect starting place.

Warm-Up Stretching Videos

The warm-up routines, which are to be performed in the morning or before exercise, contain a series of dynamic stretches that are proven to help improve the range of motion around your joints while preparing your body for physical activity. Over time, dynamic stretching has shown to improve performance and increase mobility of joints while also reducing the chances of injury [1],[2],[3].

Cool-Down Stretching Videos

The cool-down routines, which are to be performing in the evening or directly after exercise, contain a sequence of static stretches which elongate the muscles to relieve tension and reduce muscle soreness. Static stretches are shown to increase the flexibility of muscles, improve posture and return the body to a comfortable, relaxed state after physical activity [4], [5], [6].

The Recovery Stretching Series

This feature within Stretch Smart contains a downloadable diagram of the human body, known as the Muscle Map, which is broken up into 5 distinct zones. Each zone on the Muscle Map includes a photographic library of dozens of different stretches and recovery techniques that you can use to target-relieve any tension, minor aches or discomfort from a specific area of your body - giving you an individualized approach to reducing unease from common trouble areas with the push of a button.

What Men Have Experienced From Using The Stretch Smart Performance & Recovery System

Improved Joint Mobility:

Performing warm-up stretches (dynamic stretching) will mobilize your most critical joints such as your wrists, knees, hips and ankles so that they’re ready to sustain the impact of physical activity such as exercise. Over time, the practice of using the follow-along warm-up stretching routines will also increase your range of motion so that you can reach, twist, press, and bend with stronger, more resilient joints [7].

Enhanced Muscle Flexibility:

Using your cool-down stretching routines right after exercise will lengthen tight muscles and improve the elasticity of each muscle fiber, reducing post-workout soreness as well as making your feel more limber on a daily basis with each quick session you complete [8].

More Confidence When Performing Workouts:

Building your mind and muscle connection starts with establishing your awareness of how your joints and muscles work together. As you gradually begin to improve your body’s range of motion with regular stretching, you’ll feel confident that you’re getting the most out of each exercise with more efficient form and proper posture that you can see when you look in the mirror and feel with every movement your perform.

Self-Relief From Common Trouble Areas:

Many men often wake up with neck pain from sleeping wrong or face shoulder tension and lower back stiffness from working in a seated office job all day - Some even deal with the occasional nagging discomfort from old injuries. These aches and pains translate into poor workout performance and make it difficult to complete everyday activities - but now you can address these areas and promote speedy relief by simply selecting your problem area on the Muscle Map and use the various recovery stretches and techniques to ease the discomfort.

Measurable Progress & Results:

Before you begin your stretching cycle, you will complete an at-home mobility assessment that consists of five basic movements. After you complete your six-week stretching cycle, you will retake the same assessment and notice for yourself that your flexibility in these movements has drastically improved.

FTC LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Results are atypical, and your results may vary. Testimonials are not purported to be typical results, and your weight loss, if any, may vary. Please see our full FTC Legal Disclaimer for a comprehensive disclaimer of risks of use, typical results, testimonials, and other legal items. READ FULL DISCLAIMER AND TERMS

When You Try Out The Stretch Smart System You’ll Also Receive These Bonuses FREE

BONUS #1: The Complete Guide To Stretching

Download and print this beginner’s guide to stretching to develop a further understanding of the importance of stretching, learn the critical rules of stretching safely, and also review how your Stretch Smart progression plan will support your everyday mobility on a daily basis - whether you currently exercise or not!

BONUS #2: The Stretch Smart Manual

Now you can stretch anytime, anywhere with the hard copy print-out version of all of your stretching routines plus all of your recovery techniques. If you’re on-the-go or don’t have Wi-Fi access, you’ll still be able to complete all of your stretches using this handy written version of the program.



When you sign-up for the Stretch Smart system, you'll immediately be able to enjoy the Stretch Smart warm-up and cool-down video routines and the printable guides instantly on your computer, smartphone, or tablet with access to the free app.

Plus, with the instant online access pass to the Stretch Smart member’s site, you can start watching each of your high-definition stretching routine videos within minutes of signing up. Simply log into the member site on your computer, smartphone, or tablet to start enhancing the way your body moves, looks and feels right away.

Once you've signed up, you will be emailed a username & password to access your Stretch Smart videos and printable tools through the exclusive members-only site where all of your stretching video routines, Muscle Map zone recovery techniques and print-out guides are located.

Once you’ve received your username and password, simply sign into your account and click on the video you want to watch and print out your written guides - that way you can take advantage of experiencing relief and improved functionality no matter where you are. (Mac, PC, Tablet, or Smartphone)

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Common Questions From The Community

Q: I do not workout or exercise. Do I still need to stretch?

A: Yes. Stretching is critical for everyone’s function and safety, particularly in older populations. As we age, our muscles become stiffer and less elastic, which can limit our balance, ambulation, and function. For older adults especially, stretching is critical for avoiding injury as well as maintaining a functional independent stature. If you currently do not follow a workout program, simply perform the warm-up routine in the morning upon waking and perform the cool-down routine in the evening, just before bedtime.


Q: How often do I need to stretch?

A: The literature shows that the benefits associated with stretching last for about 24 hours, which means that the warm-up and cool-down stretches should be performed DAILY for best results. This is especially important with individuals who sit throughout the day at work or driving. Plus, the Stretch Smart routines are only 5 to 7 minutes in length, making them a quick and convenient addition to your regular schedule.


Q: I have an old injury that sometimes causes me pain - won’t stretching make me hurt more?

A: No! By stretching with proper form and body mechanics, research and clinical evidence suggests that stretching can actually decrease delayed-onset muscle soreness and improve your symptoms. However, all individuals who have experienced a previous injury should always consult with their primary health care provider before engaging in any form of physical activity to ensure absolute safety.


Q: Stretching hasn’t worked for me in the past. Is there anything I should do?

A: Often times individuals who are new to stretching can become quickly discouraged by the fact that they are unable to comfortably reach certain postures. The bottom line for flexibility training is: if you cannot actively attain a position you’d like, then you need to find a way to get to that range of motion - which is exactly why Stretch Smart includes a 3-level progressive approach to stretching. Starting with level 1, you can begin practicing the beginner variations of each stretch and as you get comfortable, you can gradually begin performing the level 2 routines and eventually, the level 3 routines.

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