Published on Jan 31, 2018
Don’t Do Another Workout Until You See This

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What’s going on guys! It’s Thomas DeLauer, your lead nutrition expert. Today I’m bringing you some workout content.

I want to talk about the quads today, because when it comes down to time under tension training, when you train the quads right, you torch calories. They’re a huge muscle and they respond better to moderate to high repetition.

I see way too many guys who are going super heavy on squats – they’re loading up 300, 400, even up to 600 pounds to squat, but to me, that seems like that puts a lot more stress on the back instead of the legs.

So I over the years have started developing a different way to train legs. Now hear me out – I’m not trying to get these massive 33 inch quads, that’s not my desire. I’m not a bodybuilder, I’m just someone that likes to look lean and ripped year round, and I know that’s what you’re after too.

I’m going to give you an at home leg workout that focuses mainly on the quads so you can burn more calories. This workout utilizes time under tension which is a scientifically proven way to keep the muscle taxed, and ultimately burn more calories. I’m not negating bodybuilding, but focusing on time under tension is going to work better for the guy who needs to get in and out of the gym fast and wants to still workout at home as well.

Now I talk about this a lot in my science based six pack program, which you can find here:

Let’s go ahead and get right into the workout:

1:17 Tabata Squats – 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off – 2 minutes
2:25 Kneeling Squat with kettlebell – 20 reps
3:33 Tabata Squats – between every set. 20 seconds on, 10 second static hold – 2 minutes
3:39 Kettlebell Pass-Through – 12 reps
5:56 Tabata Squats – 20 seconds on, 10 second static hold – 2 minutes
6:31 Side Lunge – 12 on each side
7:30 Tabata Squats – 20 seconds on, 10 second static hold – 2 minutes
8:04 Sumo Squats with alternating kettlebell – 40 reps

Repeat workout 2x total – this is roughly going to burn 450 calories. That’s right, 450 calories for a workout that’s probably going to take you 15 – 17 minutes!

As always, be sure you keep it locked in here at, but also, be sure you check out my Science Based Six Pack Intermittent Fasting program.

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