Published on Sep 19, 2017
Train For The Body Any Man Over 40 Deserves

Hey Guys, Mark McIlyar here!

Today, I am sitting down with Dude Spellings to talk about his journey of gaining 45 pounds, all while doing marathons, and losing it all again through some life changes. Dude and I discuss how he did it and how you can do it too!

Yep, Dude has been an athlete his entire life, mostly as a runner. He has competed in marathons and super-marathons, sometimes up to 50 miles in a single race. I can’t imagine running that distance, but Dude has clocked some pretty impressive times.

However, Dude ironically gained weight as he aged and continued to do his long-distance running. As he describes it, he felt like he could eat whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted because he was running so much and burning so many calories. And to top it all off, his fellow runners gave him the bad advice to take in more sugar, carbs, and sugary sports gels so he could increase his endurance. Gradually, Dude gained 45 pounds and eventually got to the point where he could no longer compete in his races.

But, being a life-long athlete, Dude continued to play sports, actually one sport primarily, golf! It was while he was playing golf with a friend that he was introduced to a sport called SpeedGolf, the cross between golfing and running. The ultimate combination for Dude.

Still, it wasn’t SpeedGolf that ultimately lead to Dudes 45-pound weight loss. In fact, it was only the beginning. Dude was introduced to a fellow SpeedGolfer who let him know that the heavy carb diet he was following was all wrong. His friend introduced him to the Ketogenic Diet. Through some very small changes at first, Dude gradually reduced his carbohydrate intake down to only about 20 grams per day. That is less than a handful of rice a day!

Dude lost his 45 excess pounds and has continued to eat a lean, clean diet. He still plays SpeedGolf and has resumed his running, though not as long distance as he once had.

Dude is another great example of the fact that abs are made in the kitchen and that you CANNOT outwork a bad diet. I mean, this guy was running 60 miles a week and was GAINING weight.

So what can you do? Maybe the Ketogenic diet isn’t for you; it’s not for everyone. But, as Dude states, you have to get your diet in check before anything else. He recommends, as do I, that you start by cutting out the sugar, the convenience foods, and the packaged foods. Eat a whole food, protein-packed, diet consisting of healthy saturated fats from animal sources. Additionally, reduce the number of times you eat a day. We don’t need to eat 5 times a day. And, as always, watch your calorie intake with those meals.

We older guys have to take control of our diet and Dude definitely has a great story and some great advice to help you do just that. He lost 45 pounds and YOU CAN DO IT TOO!

I hope this brought some motivation to your day and helped open your eyes to the fact that you dont’ have to settle on being overweight and out of shape because you’re getting older.

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