Published on Feb 22, 2018

Heal Yourself The Best Way You Can – With Food

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Hey guys! Thomas here…

I’m going to give you a tip today that’s going to save you a lot of money…and it’s the fact that fresh and frozen veggies are not as different as you think they are.

You see, frozen veggies have a lot of benefits when it comes down to retaining the best vitamins and nutrients that you could possibly get. So let’s take a look at the science and facts and do a little comparison…

0:26 When fresh veggies are picked, something called respiration occurs. Respiration is a process where the fruit or veggie begins to release heat and lose water…impacting it’s nutritional quality.

By the time you’re actually eating fresh produce, it could have up to 10 days or 2 weeks of actual oxidation or respiration…killing a lot of the nutrients in the fruits and vegetables. That’s not really anything that we really want to be dealing with…

1:20 Fresh fruits and veggies produce enzymes: trypsin and chymotrypsin, that cause loss of color, flavor, and nutrients just after harvest.

The good news is, this process can be halted by freezing.

1:48 Now, I do have to play devil’s advocate and mention 1 downside to frozen veggies, and that’s the fact that they are usually blanched. Blanching takes place prior to freezing, and involves placing the produce in boiling water for a short time and then put under iced water or placed under cold running water.

2:30 Foods that are best frozen are those with high amounts of fat-soluble nutrients, like vitamin A, carotenoids, and vitamin E.

3:18 “The retention of nutrients was highly dependent on the commodity, but the majority of the commodities showed no significant difference between fresh and frozen for all analytes.” – The Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry

So I hope that this video saves you some money when it comes to buying veggies and fruit! You don’t have to follow the mainstream telling you that you only need to be eating fresh stuff, because freezing, stops time.

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Use Food To Help You Achieve The Body You Deserve

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