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What’s going on, guys? It’s your boy – Jonny here today with two VERY important people for some big changes going on here.

First to my left is Dan Rose. For those of you who didn’t catch our last few videos, Dan is one of the co-founders of Six Pack Shortcuts and our company’s CEO.

Furthest to my right is Thomas Delauer – nutrition and health science expert that has been featured on this channel for some time now. Thomas and I have been working with Dan on some huge changes to this channel that we think will make it a lot better for almost a year now.

Now don’t worry – Henry Tran is still going to be with us too! In fact, Henry couldn’t make it out this week for filming because he’s recovering from surgery.

So let’s get to it – why are we choosing to change our company name?

First off, to make it exclusive for younger guys. While we’ve received great feedback from older guys on certain men over 40 videos, guys our age haven’t been shy about expressing how they want more videos for younger men. We want to keep making videos for older guys, but also make a change so that you guys only see the videos that are relevant to you.

Secondly, we wanted to signal a big change in the way we do things as a company. The single thing I regret most about this company is putting the word “shortcuts” in our channel name. I still believe in the concept as I originally explained it on the channel years ago, however, it’s been misinterpreted by a lot of people who have a knee-jerk reaction against the idea of a shortcut. That’s why we’re changing what we emphasize in our company brand going forward; by removing the word “shortcuts” from our brand. Anyone who’s seen our videos knows that’s not what we’re about, but this will eliminate any chance of people getting in wrong.

Thirdly, we’re also going to putting a much heavier emphasis on making sure that everything we present to you on this channel going forward is 100% based on science, and can be backed up with scientific proof… Which as most of you guys know, this is where Thomas DeLauer truly shines.
We’ll be giving more in-depth scientific explanations behind certain diet plans and nutrition.

Also, we’re making this transition to launch a new content website that I’m really excited about. While we love YouTube, we believe that it’s not the ideal platform for a fitness community. YouTube was built mainly for entertainment videos. But by re-thinking what our community should be, we’ve created a resource that’s even better than our YouTube channel.

While we love YouTube, honestly the YouTube comments sections can get pretty toxic. Because nobody uses their real name, the comments section sometimes has good stuff, but a lot of time is full of spam and people insulting each other. That’s why we’re switching to Facebook comments on We think it’ll lead to a much better community, and it’ll allow us to participate a lot more in the comments.

At, we’ll post one new video a week from our own trainers. Every other day though, we’ll be highlighting a video from the fitness community that we think is valuable and that you should check out. This will be a great way to share with you what we’re personally watching.

Our goal with this is to create a new community for guys who want to look aesthetic and have six pack abs. I really respect what has done for the bodybuilding community. However, I know many of you guys are like me and you aren’t bodybuilders and don’t identify with that community. We want to post entertaining fitness videos like this we think you’ll like watching and make our commentary on the site a better community experience in the comments.

Our old motto used to be “Train Hard,” and I think that was a great motto for where we were at that time in the business. Now, obviously intensity is still very important, and we definitely still believe in training hard. But we’ve come to believe that the most important factor in getting in shape is training intelligently.

Because of this, we are officially changing our motto from “Train Hard” to “Train Smart.” Again, we still believe in intensity, but this is to reflect how we now believe that training intelligently is the #1 most important factor in your fitness success.

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We’re super excited to have this change take place for all of you guys. And as always, remember to Like, Share, and Subscribe to

Train Smart!
-Jonny, Dan, Thomas & Henry

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