Published on Jan 22, 2018
Build Muscle & Achieve Six Pack Abs:

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What’s up, Thomas here about to get into the 3 most common misconceptions that you guys have heard in regards to building muscle & getting six pack abs. Let’s get right into it:

#1 – 0:29 – How Much Protein Do You Really Need?

Now, most of us have been told that in order to build muscle, we need to follow the “1 gram of protein per pound of body weight” rule. Well, that’s actually not the case… You see, some people even go as far as to say to build muscle, follow the fake rule of “1 gram of protein per pound of body weight you want to weight” – that’s a lot of protein!

1:02 – Protein, fats, and carbs contain oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon molecules – only protein contains nitrogen, where your body wants to be in a positive nitrogen balance. Here’s the thing… You only need to be in a slight nitrogen balance to build muscle, like 0.001% positive to build muscle.

2:02 – Study – – no difference in muscle mass and strength with differing amounts of protein consumed.

2:30 – When you train harder, insulin sensitivity is higher, so your body becomes more protein-sensitive, a.k.a. the body can do more with less protein.

2:58 – Let’s stick to a rule of thumb anywhere from 0.75 – 0.80 grams/pound of bodyweight for protein intake.

#2 – 3:06 – Fasting

Most people think you need to be consuming food every 2-3 hours to build muscle… Nope.

3:28 – Fasting is known to upregulate HGH, which is a polypeptide that consists of a chain of 191 amino acids, triggering what many of you have heard as hypertrophy.

4:00 – beta Hydroxybutyrate (bHB) increases muscle cell survival and proliferation.

#3 – 4:33 – Lifting Heavy

Look – I am not against lifting heavy at all. There are still great hormonal responses triggered and benefits from lifting heavy… However, lifting lighter weights and how that working weight is affecting the muscle outweighs the muscle-building side of things.

5:04 – Study –

5:41 – It’s not the weight of the load that matters, but rather, the “time-under-tension.”

5:49 – Study –

I actually just posted a free video breaking down how to fast along with implement time-under-tension training to not only build lean muscle but burn stubborn body fat in record time.

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Guys, remember:

#1 – Don’t stress about protein and take in anywhere from 0.75-0.80 g/lb of bodyweight.
#2 – Stop thinking you need to eat ever 2-3 hours
#3 – Don’t count the weights and lift heavy, but make the weights count with time-under-tension.

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