Published on Jul 16, 2018

ACV+ DAY and NIGHTScience-Based Six Pack Green Detox

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Hey,! Thomas here to break down a very popular and buzzing topic that has people asking me lots of questions about… And that’s detoxing.

So, today I’m here to actually go through the 3 main phases of detoxing your body from any kind of toxin – especially those stored in your fat cells that keep unwanted weight on – and the science behind getting toxins out along with flushing out the fat with it.

You see, detoxing isn’t a myth like you may have heard or had a suspicion about – detoxing is a naturally-occurring process your body already does. That’s why I’m breaking down the mechanisms in the body that make this all work so you can shut the door on skepticism you may have about detoxing.

Let’s get right to it:

1:38 – Phase #1: Utilization of Transformation Enzymes ⚛

There are 2 types of toxins that can build up in your body: Water Soluble and Fat Soluble. The goal of detoxification is to take the fat soluble toxins and have them go through a process to make them more water soluble to transport and eliminate them out of the body.

Cytochrome P450s – enzymes with the main job of making toxins more water soluble. They do this by turning toxins into free radicals to better move toxins into Phase 2 of detoxing.

2:55 – Phase #2: Binding 🖇

This is where compounds and enzymes within the body combine with what’s left over after Phase 1 and further processing the toxins. This is where the former toxins that have changed into free radicals are then taken to be packaged up and delivered out of the body (so to speak).

Without Phase 2, your body is left with free radicals and potentially stronger toxins than before.

Glutathione (GSH) – an antioxidant that prevents damage or cellular components caused by free radicals. This combines with a free radical by donating a spare electron to free radicals to neutralize it.

To support this most crucial phase, you need to have a healthy diet of the best superfood, regularly. The antioxidants consumed from these foods is what helps to neutralize these newly formed free radicals.

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4:47 – Phase #3: Elimination 🚽

This utilizes transport proteins and specific molecules to move and deliver these toxins out of the body. This occurs after free radicals that have been neutralized in Phase 2 travel through the small intestine and mixes with bile.

Fat soluble toxins are processed in our bile. Without a healthy digestive system and gut, elimination becomes much more difficult.

ABC transporters (ATP-binding cassette transporters) – Their jobs are to collect these free radicals to be transported through the cell membrane for bile to excrete them out of the body.

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ACV+ DAY and NIGHT | Science-Based Six Pack Green Detox

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