Published on June 25, 2018

ACV+ DAY and NIGHTScience-Based Six Pack | Green Detox

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Good morning,! Thomas Delauer here bringing you my favorite and most comprehensive shoulder barbell workout today. Now, this isn’t your typical shoulder routine, because today we’re utilizing the barbell to work the entirely different ranges of motion you need in order to build bigger, more defined, leaner shoulders while helping to slim down, burn fat, and get that v-tapered look and physique. This way, we’re working to build healthy, fit shoulders that look and feel great for years to come.

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Let’s get to the workout circuit:

1:10 – Exercise #1 – Standing Barbell Shoulder Press – 12 Reps

Stay standing with your knees slightly bent, letting the barbell travel down only to your chin before pressing back up. Press upwards as though having the bar travel behind your head, where your head postures slightly forward into the hole created between your arms. A little bit of a hop is fine for getting the bar up to the top point of the press.

2:23 – Exercise #2 – Sitting Kettlebell Single-Arm Shoulder Presses – 12 Reps per arm

Sit down flat on the floor with your feet straight in front of you. Grab the kettlebell with an underhand grip and get into a pressing position. This position isolates your shoulders from using auxiliary muscle groups to press the weight up.

3:39 – Exercise #3 – Wide-Grip Barbell Rows – 12 Reps

Grab the barbell with an overhand grip outside a shoulders’ width. Get your torso parallel to the floor by being bent over at the hip, then pull the barbell up to your sternum for each rep. Keep your butt and glutes tight to avoid rounding your lower back during the movement.

4:55 – Exercise #4 – Upright Barbell Rows – 12 Reps

Try keeping your wide grip from the previous exercise while executing these. Begin by pulling the weight up to your sternum, trying to have your elbows come up to the same height of your shoulders.

Next, take a 45-60 second rest period, then hop right into the next round to do these 4 exercises all over again – you’re going to look to do this workout for a total of 3 rounds to officially complete it.

For the second round of the workout, you want to look to increase the weight used in each exercise as opposed to the first round, because for the final round, we’re going to be doing a drop set with even lighter weight than the first round.

The goal of this workout is to get as comfortable with the barbell as you can because this is one of the best pieces of equipment in the gym you can be using.

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ACV+ DAY and NIGHT | Science-Based Six Pack | Green Detox

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