Published on Apr 4, 2018
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Now today, I’m coming at you with something a little different. I want to teach you what you might be doing wrong when it comes to ab training…I’m trying to save your back here and help you get the best six pack abs you could possibly want.

So what I’m going to do is break down 3 of the most common ab training mistakes that aren’t only affecting your progress, but they could also be affecting your long-term results in terms of hurting your back.

Let’s talk about what we don’t want to do first…

0:47 Oblique Crunches. The hard part with this movement is the load it puts on your spine laterally. You see, our spines are not designed to move a whole lot from side to side like that…especially down in the lumbar region, and with an extra load (weights). The only time that this kind of movement would be okay, is if you’re doing a static movement where you’re flexing your obliques, keeping it static, and maybe doing some walking. But don’t be going side to side.

1:55 Now the next thing that I notice is that people are doing a traditional sit-up instead of a crunch because they think that a sit-up is a lot more masculine. But no…let me show you.

First off, your hip flexors are designed to move your legs up, and you have muscles in your midsection designed to move your torso…that is the area you want to target. So when you see people doing regular sit-ups, here’s what’s going on:

2:22 You start out working the abs, but then it turns into the hip flexors. Now you can see how I have to force myself into the movement…that last portion of the movement is all hip flexors, not abs. Really, you should just be doing crunches, but you don’t want to relax the abs at the bottom – always keep them flexed.

So drop the ego, and just do your crunches. If you want to make it a little bit harder, you can always grab a weight and do the same thing.

3:47 Okay so this next one’s a doozy. This will not only save your back, but it will get the shape of abs that you want. They’re the good old fashioned hanging leg raises.

How most people do hanging leg raises is by going all the way down, and then as high as they can go, or they’re doing them with their knees.

Guys, no.

4:04 Don’t swing your legs back, and don’t raise your knees. That’s all hip flexors and also hard on the back.

What you want to do, is you want to make sure you have a slight bend in the knees, keep your feet together but your soles are angled in.

4:20 And then what you want to do, is not come all the way down. If you come all the way down, you’re pushing the abdomen forward and arching the back…putting a lot of pressure on your back and forcing you to use the hip flexors to get to that first movement.

There you have it, guys – stay away from these common mistakes!

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