Published on Sep 13, 2017
Get The Six Pack Abs You Deserve:

There are countless ways to keep active, get a sweat, and stay in shape in this life. If you’re someone who loves to groove and listen to music, have you ever considered a dance workout?

If you think about it, you put your body through the same motions multiple times in order to get a 1-2 minute routine down, and in doing so, are training your muscles and mind to work together to remember and execute moves. Dancing can be a great way to build that mind-muscle connection that is key for also training in the gym and lifting weights.

See if you can keep up with this dance workout choreography by Reagan Cornelio.

What moves are you able to do? What other ways do you try to keep yourself active? What muscle groups do you feel are being used the most in this routine? Let us know in the comments below what you’re thinking.

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