Published on Jun 6, 2018

TestMax NutritionScience-Based Six Pack Green Detox

Hey, guys – Toby here, and you may be wondering… What the heck is all this stuff on the counter?

Well, they’re snacks – the kind of protein snacks you’d typically find at a convenience store or grocery store that you find in the “health” food sections. I get it – when you think of a “protein snack” your mind immediately jumps to the conclusion that this stuff is probably better than a bag of chips or a candy bar…

But, how do they stack up when it comes to taste?

Well, today’s your lucky day. Because I’m gonna do a taste-test of these snacks to see what all the hype is all about and, of course, see if they taste good… Or suck!

Alright, as you can see, this stuff tastes like $#!+ – I gave them a shot, they all let me down – that’s it. And, you know what pisses me off even more?

This is the kind of stuff you’ll see near the checkout counters at grocery stores or being highlighted at vitamin and nutrition stores, so, people get the idea that these are “healthier” options for snacks and then end up wasting their money on stuff that tastes like it was pulled from the bottom of my trash can…

This stuff right here… This is the kind of stuff you’ll find at nearly every convenience store or grocery store that are not only healthier options… But they taste great, too!

Let me start off with these – we got some nuts and seeds here – Pistachios, Raw Almonds, and Sunflower Seeds.

32 pistachios are only 100 calories! Not to mention, pistachios are an excellent source of fiber, potassium and other nutrients.

Nuts like these raw almonds are actually one of the best snacks if you’re trying to lose weight – just a small handful of almonds is all you need.

In fact, in a study published in the Journal of Obesity, eating nuts like raw almonds two or more times per week was associated with a reduced risk of weight gain.

I used to eat sunflower seeds all the time at baseball games – who knew these were as good for you as they are fun to eat?

Sunflower seeds can help lower cholesterol levels and even may make you feel happier due to levels of tryptophan found in the seeds that help in processing the feel-good brain chemical serotonin.

Ok, next we have some instant black If you’ve ever used intermittent fasting, then you know black coffee is one of the things you can have while fasting… But, did you know it also works great as a snack and appetite suppressant?

You see, black coffee is a quick, low-calorie beverage that can make a tasty snack. It’s full of antioxidants and helps improve your mental function. However, steer clear of those test-killing coffee creamers that people dump into their coffee – if you haven’t already watched my video on that, check it out here:

Lastly, we have a pre-packaged hard-boiled egg here.

You can find pre-packaged hard-boiled eggs at most convenience stores in the refrigerated shelf sections. Eggs are high in protein and can keep you feeling full until your next meal, containing 13 essential nutrients. Don’t forget to eat the yolk for an extra dose of healthy vitamins and minerals, along with the healthy fats you need to help boost test.

There you have it, guys – so, next time you’re reaching for a snack that actually tastes good, and is good for you, you know what to do.

It’s important to make sure you don’t fall for all the bright-colored packing of these supposedly “healthy” protein snacks you see because they are put in the health food section of the store or have “protein” slapped on the label a bunch.

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I’ll see you next time.

TestMax NutritionScience-Based Six Pack Green Detox

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