Published on May 09, 2017
Get The Six Pack & Keep It:

Congratulations! So, you’ve finally taken your first steps to getting on track to lose that stubborn fat you’ve been holding onto for too long now and get the body you truly want.

You would think your friends, family, and colleagues would be supportive, right? Most of the time at least?

Unfortunately, adversity and doubt also come with the support and excitement. Take Ruoall for example.

At 2:32, you’ll find that even your family can be the ones filling your head with doubt and discouraging your efforts. Social media and a constant connection to the internet has given people the opportunity to comment and speak their mind on just about anything these days, so don’t be surprised if you post a photo, video, or even a thought onto social media without having someone post or considering to post something negative about it.

The one main thing to remember is that you have managed to take one of the hardest steps forward to better yourself. Starting with physically changing something that impacts how you feel, your energy, your motivation, and confidence… That mean’s you’re brave! Don’t let anyone else tell you different because of what they think. Keep pushing forward, stay true to yourself, and you’ll be surprised what you are capable of doing and changing.

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