Published on Apr 7, 2017
How men over 40 can get a toned, defined six pack:

Hey, this is Mark – designer of the Abs After 40 training system, and one of the head trainers at Six Pack Abs. I get a lot of questions from men under 40 wondering if our program will work for them, and the answer is ABSOLUTELY – it’s especially great for men who are low on time. Every workout is designed to last 30 minutes or less and is completely flexible. For people who have joint problems – it’s still great because we can take things a little easier, but if you’re still in pretty good physical condition, you can add some intensity to the program to make it better suited for you. We can increase rep ranges/sets, and decrease rest to make it as intense as you want.

Workout Breakdown:
Today we’re going to work the back – and show you how someone like, Evan who is only 36, can still get a great workout and push toward his goals with our Abs After 40 workouts.

1. Start with 10 reps of Lat pulldown with moderate weight.
Grasp the cable bar with a wide grip. Sit with thighs under supports. Leaning back slightly, with a small arch in your lower back and your chest up and out, pull the bar down to chin level. Return until arms and shoulders are fully extended. Repeat. Remember to keep the chest pushed out and the shoulders pulled back.

Watch for good form, keeping the impact low by not swinging and using jerky movements.

-no rest –

2. Dumbbell Pullbacks/incline rows on bench (10 reps, moderate weight)
Sit/almost lie down on an incline bench, face down. This will allow you to really target the upper and middle back without causing stress on your lower back. Grab the dumbbells with palms facing each other and pull them toward you, pulling your elbows back and up.
This is to work the upper and middle back and give the lats rest.

We keep the movement slow and steady here so Evan isn’t using momentum to move the weight, and he’s really working those back muscles and getting the most out of the exercise. Think about trying to bring the elbows up nice and high, while really squeezing your upper and middle back muscles.

-no rest-

3. Rope Pulldowns -10 reps at moderate weight-
Grab the rope attachment on the cable machine and stand far enough away that your arms only have a slight bend at the elbow. Lean forward slightly by pushing your butt out and having a slight arch in your lower back. Keep the chest pushed forward and shoulders pulled back. Pull the ropes down using your lat muscles (keep your arms slightly bent the entire time).

-no rest-

4. Seated row with palms facing down grip -10 reps at moderate weight-
Sitting on a bench (or at a seated row station) Grab a bar with palms facing down. Keep your upper body as stationary as possible (so you’re not using your lower back to pull the weight), pull your elbows straight back and squeeze the upper back muscle to bring the bar toward your sternum. Return to where the arms are fully extended and repeat.

**Repeat Circuit as many times as possible – increase reps to 12-15 if you are in better shape and need a tougher workout. Take a second if you need it to recover and catch your breath – because you want to be able to hit each exercise with the same intensity as before!**

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