Published on Jun 27, 2018

ACV+ DAY and NIGHTScience-Based Six Pack Green Detox

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A lot of us don’t realize that the immune system plays a significantly powerful role when it comes down to how good we feel but also how in shape we get and how fast we get in shape. See, I want to break down the science of the lymphatic system. I want to break down the science of the muscle pump and how it might be working against you. You see, we have to understand what happens with the immune system and we really have to start to comprehend that the immune system and our overall fitness level go hand and hand, just nobody wants to talk about them because no one ever wants to bridge the gap between health and fitness. It’s like two different worlds that never communicate. So let me break down the lymphatic system for you really quick. In our bodies, our lymph system is basically a clear fluid known as lymph that moves through its own series of vessels and basically it’s the job of this lymph to deliver nutrients but it’s also the job of this lymph to clear out toxins from the body and to recognize infections and get them out of the body.

A good example is when you get swollen lymph nodes. If you go to the doctor and you find out that you’ve got the cold or you’ve got a flu or something like that, you’re gonna find that your lymph nodes are swollen. Or if you’ve ever had an injury like an infection down in your leg, you might find that the lymph nodes in your inguinal canal and your groin get swollen. Or if you have an infection on your arm, your armpit glands get swollen. It’s a simple lymphatic response. So basically, that’s what the lymph system is, but there’s other components to the lymph system that people don’t usually talk about, and that’s how it works exactly with our fitness. You see, lymph moves free fatty acids throughout the body. Lymph moves basically whenever we are digesting fats or burning fats or fats need to go to the liver to get burned. It’s the lymph system that’s moving that. As soon as we digest a fat, it goes through our body and we have pancreatic lipase that starts to break down those fats. Then it goes into the small intestine, it breaks down a little bit more. Then it goes through what’s called an enterocyte. That enterocyte has some other particles that come in and they actually emulsify the fat. Once the fat is emulsified and it can get into the body, it doesn’t go straight into the bloodstream, it goes into the lymph system.

That’s what people don’t realize and what they need to know. We are so busy worrying about our blood flow and worrying about getting our cardio in and getting the blood moving that we forget that fat is moving through the lymph system. So in order to move that lymph, what do we do? Well, we also have to understand a couple other things in the body. The first one is that our lymph system is not our circulatory system. It doesn’t have its own series of muscles like the heart to move it. What does it require? What does it rely on? That lymph system requires movement. Now I’m a huge fan of Tony Robbins. I talk about him a lot, I read a lot of his stuff, I actually am just fascinated by his business model in general, but I’m more fascinated with how he actually looks at health too. If you’ve ever watched any of the Tony Robbins documentaries or you’ve ready any of his stuff, you see that he’s actually a big fan of jumping on a trampoline and he says that it just gets him going, it gets his clients going, it gets everything moving.

Well, there’s actually a physiological reason to that and I looked into it a little bit more and it’s basically because you’re getting the lymph moving in a very non-concussive way. So remember how I said you need external factors to actually move the lymph? Jumping on a trampoline is a perfect way to do that, but another thing that works for that is doing an upper and lower body split.

ACV+ DAY and NIGHT | Science-Based Six Pack Green Detox

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