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Hey, guys, what’s up? – Mark Mcilyar here and today I am going to walk you through a revamped version of a very popular workout that was made a few years ago, called “extreme six packs abs workout”. But this time, I’ve made it even more challenging – just to show you young guns how us old guys do it.

Workout Breakdown:

Complete 3 rounds of the following 3 moves:
10 cable crunches
30 seconds of x-planks
10 weighted reverse crunches

1:59 – Cable crunches. Don’t let the weight control you; squeeze on your way down and carry the weight back up to full extension.

3:35 – X-planks. Try to keep your back straight as a board and breath as you hold this position.

4:35 – Weighted reverse crunches. Bring the weight up slowly and be sure that your midsection is contracted the entire time. You want to keep the tension on your abs.

7:39 – Round 2 of cable crunches. Again, be sure you aren’t using momentum between these reps.

8:40 – Round 2 of X-planks. Avoid arching your back, even if you are tired – this is critical for keeping the right amount of tension on your midsection to rip up your abs.

9:30 – Round 2 of reverse weighted crunches. Be sure your feet aren’ resting on the floor during each rep.

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