About us

Six years ago, I was overweight and out of shape. Finally, one day I made the decision that I was going to change my life and learn how to get a ripped body and abs - no matter what.

When I first started, I made every mistake in the book. But with the help of a few fitness mentors, I finally learned the best exercise and nutrition strategies that really get you into great shape.

Once I learned this stuff, I got fit surprisingly fast. It made a huge difference in my life - it became much easier for me to attract women and I got much more respect from my male friends. And overall I just felt way better about myself every time I looked in the mirror.

A few years ago, I decided that I wanted to help others change their life through fitness the same way I had changed mine. So I got my ISSA Personal Trainer Certification, and started training people full-time.

Eventually I started specializing in ab training, and I became known as the "Six Pack Abs Coach." Using my new system I trained hundreds of guys who wanted to get abs, and over time I was able to refine and improve it.

Eventually, one of my clients (Dan) who had great success with my system convinced me to put it online, so that everyone could have access to it.

Now, I'd like to help you get into great shape too.

The way I'd like you to start is by first checking out all my free material. So go watch all my videos and start doing some of the workouts. I also post articles and tips for getting into great shape:

Here are a few to start with...

Check out these and the rest of my stuff. Do the workouts and try the eating tips, and discover why this is the real deal.

You can learn more about Six Pack Shortcuts from the Afterburn Training video I posted on my site:


- Clark Shao